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Stoner hookups is the 420 dating site for marijuana-friendly singles.Stoner hookups are the perfect way to meet marijuana-friendly singles for sex or friendship. Do you want to meet 420 friends or lovers? If you enjoy weed, you probably know life is much better when your friends and lovers are 420 friendly as well.

Stoner Friends — lots of people just want to meet other 420 friendly people to light up and have some fun. It’s great to share marijuana with people who see eye-to-eye with you. Let’s face it, marijuana smokers are generally more laid-back and chill than other people. We’re more social and we enjoy sharing our high. Nothing wrong with that! Want to meet 420 friends to light up with?

Stoner Sex Hookups

Everybody loves sex, right? Why not hook up with 420 hotties. I used to have a girlfriend who didn’t like weed. I enjoy smoking a joint just before sex. She didn’t get it and would bitch at me about the smell. We didn’t last very long and I decided then that I would also seek marijuana-friendly girlfriends. I’ve had some really hot sex hookups with other stoners and then I met the love of my life. We share great weed and great sex! Life is good when you share it with another marijuana lover. Check it out. I wrote an article about orgasms being more intense with 420 partners. 420 Dating Site was developed by stoners, for the 420 friendly crowd. We actively advocate for the legalization of marijuana. It’s time to end the archaic cannabis prohibition. Support for marijuana legalization in the US is higher than ever before. More and more states are legalizing marijuana for medical and/or recreational purposes. See our report on the 2016 marijuana legalization in the United States. It’s time to get active now. Contact your state and federal legislators. Let them know you do not support the ridiculous war on peaceful marijuana users.

Would you like to hook up with local stoners? View photos, read bios and chat online before you meet up. If you meet great new friends or if you have successful stoner hookups or an extraordinary sexual experience we’d love to hear about it!

Marijuana Legalization Efforts

Marijuana legalization is being driven largely by public opinion and recognition of the medicinal properties of THC. These are exciting time for marijuana lovers! What was once mostly criminalized around the world is gradually being recognized for its potential medical benefits and as a viable source of tax revenue. This is leading to pro-marijuana legislation across the globe.

Changes in marijuana laws in the United States have evolved dramatically since the ‘War on Drugs’ which classified marijuana as a Schedule I drug. Tax revenues are cited as a strong incentive for states to approve measures for personal marijuana use. With the recent legalization of marijuana that is sweeping the world, we see more and more people coming out in support of both medicinal and recreational use of marijuana products. The tide of discrimination against peaceful cannabis users is quickly changing. This is the best time in history to be a marijuana enthusiast.

Minnesota 23rd State to Legalize Recreational Cannabis!

Minnesota has become the 23rd state to legalize recreational cannabis use and possession for adults, effective August 1, 2023! Gov. Tim Walz signed the bill allowing marijuana possession for people 21 and older, expunging marijuana conviction records and creating a new regulatory plan for the substance. A 10% tax will be charged on recreational cannabis sales. The new law will allow sales for adult-use cannabis beginning in early 2025. Grants are provided for cannabis growers, along with funding of substance abuse treatment and prevention. The new law also creates a process for the expungement of non-violent marijuana possession convictions. Welcome to the group Minnesota marijuana enthusiasts!

Map Showing Legalization of Cannabis in the U.S. provides a map of cannabis legalization in the United States. Twenty-three U.S. States have legalized both medicinal and recreational marijuana use!

Map showing the legalization of Cannabis in the U.S.

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